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Our Story

Serving individuals and family members
Affected by Autism and its associated spectrum

Aspie's Retreat enriches life, expands personal horizons, and instills confidence to individuals on the Autism spectrum by engaging them in interactive recreational, sensory, educational, group and sports programs.

Founded July 6, 2017, Aspie's Retreat is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that holds paramount the vision and expressed purpose to provide high-quality individual and family activities and programs that enrich the quality and breadth of life to those affected by autism and its related spectrum.


Aspie's Retreat will offer a wide variety of year round programs. These programs will include outdoor adventures such as hiking, nature awareness training, swimming, horseback riding, ATV adventuring, cycling, outdoor rock climbing, archery, water sports, and kayaking. Indoor adventures will include music therapy such as Native American flute and drum circles, art classes, pottery and ceramics, indoor rock climbing, and basketball. Other activities may arise as interest and support structure permit.

Family and individual counselling will be an integral part of Aspie's Retreat. This will also be available on an as needed basis. A medical acute Care clinic is planned to adorn the facility. The clinic will be available to those with medical needs throughout their stay.

Aspie's Retreat will be created and supported through multiple means: individual and corporate donors, corporate sponsors, fundraising, community outreach, grants from private corporations and foundations in compliance with the regulations governing its 501(c)3 statues.

Our clients will include individuals and families affected by Autism and its associated spectrum.  While initial programs will focus in close geographic proximity to the facilities, Aspie's Retreat will not limit participation to residents of Utah.  These programs will be  augmented and refined as it integrates  input from attendees, families, and potential clients.

The facilities will be on a large tract of land to accommodate the variety of programs planned.  The facility itself will include residential accommodations to support overnight programs, classroom settings,cafeteria, offices,medical acute care facilities, sensory rooms,observation stations and an auditorium. 

Aspie's Retreat will be guided by a Board of Directors and programs managed and executed by a fully qualified slate of professionals and volunteers.  Since Aspie's Retreat is a 501(c)3, audited financial reports  will be available on our website.  It is our hope that the organization will be able to supplement the individual camp enrollment costs on an as needed financial basis for each family.

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