This is the start of The Official Blog from Aspie's Retreat.

Just outside of the small town of San Saba, Texas there is this great pecan orchard.  Parked in front of the orchard is an old flatbed truck with a sign stating, "Pecans $1.00 / lb." I always like the way the tree line up in row after row as one drives past. That pattern is so much more visible in the winter.  Spring redresses the treetops with beautiful  green foliage. 

Imagine  a million brightly colored leaves in the shape of puzzle pieces adorning the trees of the orchard, Each leaf would be bright yellow, red, blue, in addition to green.  That is the Autism Tree.

In the "human family tree," an average of one in every 100 people are on the autism spectrum.  Their leaves, figuratively speaking, are differently shaped and colored: kind of like the puzzle pieces. 

Let's learn to love all the leaves.