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Be Not Weary....for the Long Run

"The morning light was just breaking as he turned up the last leg of his training run.  It was the hardest section: ¾ of a mile in loose dirt on a 6% incline.  His pulse quickened and breathing deepened as the course's incline demanded its payment.  Even though the morning temp was a brisk 56 degrees, he found himself sweating and wondering if he had what it took to complete his real goal:  to run across the United States for his charity.

Everyone who learned of his activities told him something like, "You're doing such a great thing" or "It is noble cause."  Very few of them offered to run beside him.  That was OK because this challenge was his calling and mission.

Could he endure the long stretches of lonely road?…His feet continued pounding the ground relentlessly forward…." 

Bootstrapping a nonprofit from ground zero is a long road.  It's the long distant run of the business world.

Many have told me how Great the goals of Aspie's Retreat are.  It warms my heart and keeps my feet pounding the ground.

Run with me and be not weary in well doing.

A Day at Aspie's Retreat.
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Tuesday, 03 August 2021
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