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Be the Accent Color!

Most have heard of the phrase "even a rose in a daisy garden is a weed."  I have never really liked this idiom.  It reminds me of the idea that the baked beans can't touch the potato salad or the steak juice shouldn't soak the toast.  It almost creates a moral construct that that which is different is wrong.  Keep that in mind as we go along.We will come back to this idea later….

One of my first hobbies was photography.  I had a rudimentary black and white dark room with developing trays and enlarger when I was 13-year-old.  Two photographers influenced me greatly.  One was a photographer for National Geographic.  He specialized in macro lenses and insects.  He taught me to develop a focal point; something that makes the subject unique.  The second was a studio photographer who instilled the concepts of form, lighting, and composition.  My photography reflects these lessons.

15 Years ago, my wife and I traveled weekly to and from Temple, Texas and San Saba, Texas.  Of course, I took my camera along to capture photos of Nature.  That ended up being pictures of flowers.  Texas has a lot of wildflowers.  The bluebonnets fields go for miles. It is almost like a sea of blue.  A field of Bluebonnets is breathtaking but place an old farm implement in the field of view and it tells a story.  The picture becomes unique, full of depth and feeling.

The above picture is an example of this idea.  It was taken on one of our weekly outings.  The field of violet flowers was amazing, yet the yellow flower gave the picture a focal point giving it increased depth and interest.

Music also embraces this idea.  The bass drum drives the beat, but the syncopation of the piano brings that beat to life.   A descant, where someone sings over the rest of the music, can turn an ordinary piece into a delightful experience.

Let me give you a more real-life example.  I want to take you to the stadium of Dixie State University, July 24th at about 9:30 PM.  My wife and I were watching a Pioneer Day Program produced by Merrill and Justin Osmond.  The program told stories of pioneer ancestors through music and choreographed dance.  One piece in particular was an energetic fanfare with dancing, fireworks, and Fiddling.  But the real excitement for me wasn't on stage, but three seats down from us.A 20 -25-year-old Down's syndrome young man was enjoying the fanfare.  He was stomping his foot, rocking his body, and fiddling the air with his imaginary bow and fiddle.  The smile on his face was indescribable.  I saw him fiddling in the foreground, the fireworks filling the background, and the dancers occupying the midground.  What a composition.  He was the focus point that brought everything together and painted a story so much more than just a fireworks extravaganza. The picture was not only unique, it was heart-touching.  The young man was this picture's "yellow flower."

If you ever feel that you just don't fit in or that you are marching to a different drummer.  It's OK.  The world is filled with beautiful flowers.  There are only a few yellow ones.  So remember to feel the music, stomp your foot, and fiddle the air with all your might. Everyone has a special story or talent that if encouraged can lead a beautiful composition..........So I encourage you to.......

                                                                   Be the Accent color!

It's Just A Bridge


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Tuesday, 03 August 2021
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