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It's Just A Bridge

IN 1993 I bought a 40 acre parcel outside of Fort Morgan.  It had one small problem to overcome.  33 acres of the property were landlocked and not accessible because of an irrigation ditch separated the larger piece from the 7 acres with access to the road.  My solution seemed so easy.  I would just build a bridge across the ditch.  

The map of the irrigation district stated the ditch was 20 feet wide.  A 20 foot bridge would be difficult but not impossible to build.  Unfortunately, the ditch was 40 ft wide.  It took a bit more planning than initially thought.  The footing had to be built when the water stopped flowing through the ditch.  So I hurriedly excavated and built the footings in the Fall before the freezing temperature prevented pouring cement.

Once the footing had cured, the bridge decking was ready to set on the footings.  Since the bridge had grown from the initial 20 to 40 foot long, its weight really grew.  The crane was too small.  So the company had to use its largest crane available to set the bridge.  As the crane lifted and extended the decking over the ditch two of its stabilizer legs lifted off the ground.  The decking was successfully set and I was able to eventually build a beautiful home on the 33 acres.

There are so many disconnected "pieces of property" in life that are cut off from the rest of society.  One such island is called "Autism." The depth of its separation can be deep and the breath of its width may be great.  Yet inroads into Building bridges to this island are being made.

Please join me in building a safe place where kids and adults with Autism can relax, learn, play and grow.  Aspie's Retreat will be a welcoming camp for all affected by Autism and its associated spectrum where they can enjoy playing and growing without judgemental looks and critical remarks.  

This bridge will take monumental effort  So I am "calling to action" all who envision a place where kids with Autism can play and enjoy life safely in a judgement free zone.

                                 It's just a bridge...

                                  with your help

                          "let's build this bridge!"

Be the Accent Color!
Architecture for Autism


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Tuesday, 03 August 2021
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