How monotonous the sounds of the forest would be...If the music came only from the Top Ten Birds!

                                                                                                                                            Dan Bennett

My FM radio station played Christmas carols this past season from Thanksgiving till well after Christmas.  It was great for a while, but the station had a limited number of tracts.  As I drove to work each morning, I  knew I would hear "My Grown up Christmas List," followed by "The Little Drummer Boy,"  then I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You."  I got very tired of the most frequently played Christmas carols by the end of the season.  

New ideas, like new songs bring a richer and more full life.  Many new ideas in the last century have come from individuals who think outside of the box.  Many of these people don't even know "there is a box."  Instead of pushing our young kids into the "box of conformity," we might do better to let them explore new ideas and directionsAs we as parents do this, we can help our children find their voice. Once they find their voice, we may be ah struck as their beautiful music fills the sky like the song of a meadowlark on an early Spring morning.

Kids on the Autism Spectrum especially need parents who encourage the development of the children's abilities and gifts.  Up to 10% of those people on the Autism Spectrum are gifted.  Many in this group think out of the box, so it  represents great potential for society.